Value: Phase One and Two €45,000

Client: Wexford County Council

Alastair Coey Architects was appointed in August 2007 by Wexford Borough Council, with support from The Heritage Council, to prepare a Conservation and Management Plan for Wexford Town Walls. Wexford, like Derry, is a member of the Irish Walled Towns Network. The physical research carried out in preparation of both documents revealed that much more of the original medieval walls survive than originally had been anticipated. Wexford is a thriving forward-looking town and already, before completion of the Conservation Plan the Council has moved to implement a number of its policies including establishing a management group, acquisition of property and commissioning further work from the Practice to advise on conservation issues in areas impinging on the walls. One of the main thrusts of the Management Plan beyond mere maintenance is devising a guided walk along a substantial length of the upstanding walls. This fascinating project promises to open up parts of the town, hitherto unseen and to provide a new dimension to the town’s developing tourism product. This document has been incorporated into the Wexford Town & Environment Development Plan, 2009 – 2015.

The second phase of urgent repair work were completed in 2010. Works involved further removal of dead vegetation, biocide treatment, taking down inappropriate building material, stabilising historic masonry from collapse, raking-out cementacious pointing and repointing with lime mortars and further consolidation of exposed wall heads with coarse aggregate lime mortar.