Client: English Heritage

Fort Brockhurst, a Scheduled Ancient Monument, is a well-preserved artillery fortification of 1858-62, which formed part of the Gosport Advanced Line of defence of the royal navy dockyards at Portsmouth. In plan Fort Brockhurst is a six-sided polygon detached bastion, with an obtuse salient designed to protect the long faces of the fort against enfilade fire. Surrounding the fort is a wet moat; rising from this is an earthwork rampart fronted by a low brick revetment.

In 2012, Alastair Coey Architects were appointed to the condition survey framework of Conservation consultants for the South East Region of England by English Heritage. Alastair Coey Architects have held an ongoing role within the framework, providing elemental and condition surveys as part of the K2 asset management database system currently operated by English Heritage.