Value: €70,000

Client: Cashel Town Council

Alastair Coey Architects was commissioned in 2007 by Cashel Town Council with support from The Heritage Council to prepare a Conservation and Management Plan for Cashel Town Walls. The town was founded below the Rock of Cashel, one of the premier sites of political and religious significance in Ireland, stretching back to the dawn of recorded history. The Plan found that there was considerable opportunity to improve access to the walls, large sections of which had been incorporated into later structures or were visible primarily from private property. Positive engagement with landowners and other stakeholders was particularly important. Structural instability was also a major issue. Since the adoption of the Plan, according to the recent IWTN Review of Activities 2006-2010: “Over the last three years determined efforts have been made to bring the old medieval fortifications of Cashel back into the consciousness of the community. The city walls have been exposed and restored both in the vicinity of St Paul’s Cathedral and in the vicinity of the old pathway between the Rock and the Town Centre... Over the last three years an annual City Walls Day has been held with increasing success and patronage.” Substantial grants have been awarded for the stabilization and restoration of a large section of the Walls, including the last remaining Sally Port.